Metal Stamping Industry

Metal Stamping Industry

At Gwyn Engineering, we lead the way in automotive tooling for the metal stamping industry. We use the latest innovations to produce Progressive, Mechanical Transfer and Hand Transfer tooling for the automotive and other industries. Our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with our experience and skill, allow us to provide you with an efficient, quality, cost effective product.

Service provided by Gwyn:-

Tooling Design & Validation

  • Panel Checkers
  • Draw Dies
  • Forming Dies
  • Blanking Dies
  • Trimming Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Transfer Dies
  • Fin Dies
  • Manifold Dies

Die Layout & Simulation

  • Die Layout
  • Die Planning Sheet
  • Die Face Generation
  • Feed Layout
  • Die Simulation (Auto Form)
  • Die Face Modification
  • Die Design (Solid Modeling)
  • Data for CAM Machining

Process Engineering

  • Die Planning
  • Die Layout
  • Process Layout
  • Feed Layout
  • Sequence of Operations

Detailing & Documentation

  • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings
  • Pattern Drawing
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Technical Documentation

Formability Analysis

  • Blank Development
  • Draw Analysis
  • Die Optimizations