Infrastructure & Tools

Infrastructure :-

  • High-End Multi Process CAD/CAM Licensed Facilities
  • Independent Dedicated DSL Line For FTP Data Transfer
  • WEB Conferencing For Remote Real-time Design Collaboration
  • Independent Commercial Department to deal with Export and Import Shipments
  • Strong Machining Base Collaboration with Manufacturing Companies for Prototyping and Manufacturing/Assembly Support

Information & Data Security

  • Pillars of our Infrastructure:
    • Reliable Computing and communications
    • Confidentiality and IP Protection
    • Customer proximity and adaptability
    • Cost consciousness
  • Our Network Infrastructure:
    • Firewall protected with VPN and Virtual LAN (VLAN) capabilities
    • High-speed access to the Internet
    • Cutting Edge Server Technologies
    • Data protection and safe storage
    • Multi Location Backup of Data
    • Framework to protect Client IPR
    • Logical/Physical Access Control Measures
    • Secure FTP & Data Encryption